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Lowry Hill Neighborhood Association is one of the oldest neighborhood organizations in Minneapolis. Our efforts to improve our community include developing, encouraging, and promoting programs, activities and government action directed toward the maintenance, preservation, improvement and beautification of the area known as the "Lowry Hill Neighborhood" in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

LHNA holds an annual meeting each May to elect new board members and to provide an update to residents on the work that's taken place during the past year.


2016 - 2017 Board Members

Board members are elected by residents at LHNA's annual meeting held each May.  Board members may serve for up to three consecutive two-year terms.  


Phil Hallaway (President)

Michael F. Cockson (Vice President)

Rebecca Graham  (Treasurer)

Susie Galiano (Secretary) 


Emily Beugen

Jennifer Bickett

Clint Conner 

Toni D'Eramo 

Jimmy Fogel

Baygan Hartzheim 

Tom Huppert 

Sarah Janecek

Scott Shaffer

Susanne Shaff 

Evan Stern